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Madame Chair, Honourable members of the Court of Auditors,
First of all I would like to congratulate the European Court of Auditors for the readable annual report that delivers to our attention important insights. In this respect we should have in mind that the EU budget should have a robust and consistent system for assessment of member states´ GNIs. Correct information in this area is indispensable because the GNI-based own resources form approximately 70% of the EU budget.
From that point of view for me is strange that the European Court of Auditors (ECA) has found such a big amount of discrepancies of the work done by the Commission concerning not only its verification strategy, but also the verification process and the whole process of reporting.
We see that the Commission in its reply doesn´t agree with most of the ECA findings. Without going into details of the report it seems to me that both entities have completely different approach toward almost everything from methodological, macroeconomic and managerial point of view.
In this respect I have some doubts:
Firstly, after having this negative assessment of the work of GNI Committee (that includes representatives from the member-states´ NSIs and chaired by Eurostat), may we rely on the statistical information regularly delivered from these institutions?
Secondly, while there are several well-known international organizations that distribute macroeconomic information for the countries in the world, for example International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and Eurostat, may we expect to have a sufficient level of similarity comparing the data from all of these sources?
Despite the above mentioned doubts in the situation there is something positive. Commission recognizes the importance of the recommendations and agrees to follow them.
Additionally, the execution of the EU budget and the auditing should focus on results and on whether the set objectives are achieved and in this way the budget can be improved only if member-states coordinate their activities with local and regional authorities at the very beginning of the preparation of the programmes and procedures. The identification of best practice projects at European level also could be helpful.

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