Nedzhmi ALI: The EU Budget 2018 is extremely important in order to ensure investments in strategic sectors and sustainable growth

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The Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament insists on sufficient financial resources due to the price volatility of agricultural products.


Dear Mme Chair, Mr. Zeller, colleagues,

I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for the opinion on such an important issue for the European Union as the budget for the next year. We appreciate the approach of Mr. Zeller towards the assessment to what extend the Budget focussed on results approach has been incorporated within the Budget 2018. It is of particular importance if we are committed both to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of using the financial resources and at the same time to simplify the process of implementation and control and hence to decrease the level of irregularities.

In addition we could stress on several issues related to preparation of Budget 2018 that are characteristic in order to achieve the main policies and priorities of the EU:

Firstly – There is a need of proper response to the new challenges related to the complex geopolitical environment, from migration management to the protection of the EU’s external borders and the security of its citizens. If the budget is not able to ensure the needed resources in this area, implementation of the respective programmes will be very difficult. This will reflect on the consecutive control.

Secondly – While in 2018 cohesion policy programmes should reach a cruising speed that needs adequate appropriations, the delay of implementation of these programmes is unacceptable. We don´t want to experience again postponement of both implementation and payments until the last moment and the related increase of irregularities.

Thirdly – Let´s recall the general objectives of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP): the promotion of viable food production, the sustainable management of natural resources and the balanced development of rural areas across the EU. In this regard the level of commitment appropriations requested for Heading 2 (almost 60 billion euros) represents 1.7% increase compared to the level of the 2017 budget. Payment appropriations increase is 2.6%. While the increase is not so substantial, we expect it to be maintained in order to ensure appropriate results from this important policy.

Fourthly – In relation to the unstable agricultural markets and climate changes there is a need in Budget 2018 to be envisaged enough margin to mitigate the consequences to the population due to the price volatility of agricultural products.

In conclusion,I would like to underline again the importance of the next year´s budget to ensure strategic investment and sustainable growth in order to support economic cohesion and create jobs, in particular for young people. This very high priority should be implemented through adequate distribution of the financial resources within the majority of policy areas of the European Union.

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