Nedzhmi Ali – The next MFF should focus on the CAP and the Cohesion policy

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Plenary Session,Tuesday 13 Mar 2018, 15:00 – 23:00, Strasbourg

Joint debate – The next MFF: Preparing the Parliament´s position on the MFF post-2020 and Reform of the European Union´s system of own resources

Thank you Mr. President, Commissioner Oettinger, dear colleagues,

In order to achieve maximum results through the overall planning process in the EU, the next MFF should be embedded in a broader strategy. This long-term vision covering the whole period of the next decade, is more of a statement of general strategic direction.

MFF translates the EU´s policy priorities into budgetary means. EU policies are implemented through a wide range of programs and from this point of view the MFF is not a budget for seven years, but rather a collection of resources geared to accomplish the main Union´s goals.

MFF should support with priority the Common agriculture and Cohesion policies closing the gap between the member-states, as well as the emerging policy areas related to security and migration.

To provide the needed resources, system of financing the EU budget should be reformed based on the recommendations of the High Level Group of Own Resources. Resources have to be spent more efficiently, effectively and create higher European added value.

In order to achieve our goals for a stronger and more ambitious Europe in a rapidly changing political environment we should increase the MFF expenditure ceilings, foster flexibility mechanisms and special instruments, as well as simplify the EU budgetary system

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