Discharge 2016: EU General budget – European Parliament

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Dear Mme Chair, Mr. Vaughan, colleagues,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for the well structured and balanced report on the European Parliament’s activities in 2016. As such the report answers the questions of improvements done in terms of quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the management of public finances, as well as presents the achievements of the transparency and accountability of the political leadership to the EU citizens.

The Parliament’s final appropriations for 2016 totaled 1.839 billion Euros, or around 19 % of Heading V of the Multiannual Financial Framework, and 99.2 % of these appropriations were committed. From financial point of view this is an excellent result. Equally important, however is that the report gives the answer how this financial resource was spend and what kind of results have been accomplished.

Concerning the reliability of the 2016 accounts and the legality and regularity of the transactions underlying those accounts we should be satisfied with the opinion of ECA that the spending is not affected by a material level of error. Even the estimated level of error is smaller in comparison with the previous year.

Regarding the Internal auditor’s annual report there are several good proposals. However, we should specify that the proposal of appointment an Internal Control Coordinator in each DG would not lead to increase the bureaucracy or the workload of the personnel.

From Human resources management point of view, we are satisfied that the Inter-institutional agreement on budgetary discipline, on cooperation in budgetary matters and on sound financial management has been carried out according to the schedule.

Finally, I would like to stress on the detailed information about the contracts awarded both by their type and by the types of procedure used, as well as the information about the budgets of the political groups.

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