Nedzhmi ALI – Evaluation of external aspects of customs performance and management as a tool to facilitate trade and fight illicit trade


Thank you Madam Chair,

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations to the rapporteur for the well-structured report and thanks for the detailed information from the Commissioner Dombrovskis.

The role that customs´services play in the global trading environment, coping with the damage done by illicit trade to the formal economy is undisputable. The illicit activities have a detrimental impact on economies in terms of growth, jobs, foreign investment and integrity of markets. At the same time they generate large sums for transnational organised crime.

In order to eliminate the negative influence, the quality and performance of customs´ controls on the transit of goods, particularly at ports and borders is of high priority. It is necessary to ensure that there are homogeneous control techniques among Member States for filtering at ports and borders by promoting modern, risk management-based control strategies.

Inclusion of anti-fraud clauses in Trade and investment agreements is necessary in order to protect the financial interests of the Union. We need closer customs cooperation, both within the Union and with third countries, as well as an effective sharing of statistical information related to EU import controls. Thus, in addition to preventing damage to the economy we will protect the health and safety of consumers, limiting the risks to society and markets.

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