Nedzhmi Ali on the establishing of the Internal Security Fund

26-09-2N. Ali copy

This statement was presented during the meeting of BUDG Committee on the

25th September 2018 in Brussels and was regarding the establishing of the

Internal Security Fund (ISF).

Merci monsieur le président, Dear colleagues,

I will read ALDE´s position on the Internal Security Fund file:

The Rapporteur supports the Commission proposal, which proposes for the period 2021-2027 to more than double the financial envelope of the ISF. The Fund is a Union’s instrument, which is set up to facilitate cross-border cooperation and joint operations, intensify exchange of information and strengthen capabilities to prevent and combat organised crime and cybercrime, as well as to tackle terrorism and radicalisation.

The main challenge for the next period is to ensure greater flexibility and efficiency of the Fund and to reduce the administrative burden to the minimum. The Rapporteur disagrees, however, that crisis management including prevention, preparedness, resilience and consequence management is not present in the policy objectives of the new Fund and proposes to reinstate it as an essential component for ensuring internal security.

He supports abandoning the only pre-defined maximum allocation level – for the purchase of equipment, in the national programmes for only 15%. It is equally important to ensure that the output and result indicators are proportionate, relevant and do not add to administrative burden of beneficiaries and administrating authorities.

Furthermore, it is important to restore the implementing rule, which has been applied in the last financing period and includes a possibility for the Member State to finance the technical assistance at the initiative of the Member State up to 100% from the Union budget. According to the new Common Provisions Regulation the administrative burden is even higher, therefore, technical assistance should definitely be financed up to 100%.

These were the main points by the rapporteur, and he would be much interested in hearing other input and opinions.

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