Nedzhmi Ali calls on the EU for adequate financing of agriculture and support for the small farms

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Among the most important sectors within the EU are these of food and farming – employing more than 60 mln. people and providing the food security for all of the citizens of the Union. The rural areas, including those that are mountainous and remotely located are not only used for production of food but are also home of a substantial number of Europeans and support the recreation and tourism industries. We shouldn´t also forget about the environmental protections measures in these areas. This is what Nedzhmi Ali, MEP from ALDE Group, said during the debates on the Future of food and farming, which took place in Strasbourg on the 28th May.
He was a rapporteur for an opinion from the Committee on Budgets to the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development for this report. Nedzhmi Ali emphasized on the goals of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) for the future. He insisted on focusing of attention on the adequate amount of funding within the next Multiannual Financial Framework, as in this way enough resources for this sector should be provided. According to the Bulgarian member of the European Parliament, there is a need for simplification and modernization of CAP, while at the same time the financial and performance control and audit functions should be performed to the same standard and the under the same criteria across all Member States.

“A fair distribution of direct payments among Member States will allow for a faster closing of the gaps between the different regions of the Union. Supporting the small farms and increasing efficiency of farming is essential”, concluded Mr. Ali.

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