Nedzhmi Ali on the 2018 Report on Turkey

N. Ali Plenary ALDE

This statement was presented at the Plenary session in Strasbourg, which took place on 12.03.2019.

Thank you, Mr. President, Commissioner Hahn, Ms Piri, colleagues,

The final text of 2018 Report on Turkey doesn´t help to continue a constructive dialogue between the EU and our strategic partner. Suspension of the negotiation process is unacceptable for us.

Before the final decision, we need to take into account the progress made by Turkey recently:

On 11th of December 2018, the fifth meeting of the Reform Action Group (RAG) held in Ankara announced that Turkey will decisively continue its efforts to align with EU standards, despite political obstructions in the negotiations.

Ankara has set the goal of achieving closure of the monitoring procedure of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe.

The Ministry of Justice is intending to update the Judicial Reform Strategy together with the Council of Europe and the EU.

To strengthen the protection of fundamental human rights, RAG plans to update the Action Plan on Prevention of Violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

A proposal to even formally suspend the negotiation process will be accepted negatively by the Turkish civil society, which is looking at the EU as a friendly community. In the light of the upcoming elections in Europe and in Turkey, we need to be very careful what kind of messages we are sending to the voters.

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