Nedzhmi Ali on the use of IPA funds in Turkey


Strasbourg, 30.05.2018

The IPA funds are investments, which contribute to both the accession countries and to the Union. While these funds help our partners to implement political and economic reforms, they also help the EU to reach its own objectives regarding a sustainable economic recovery, energy supply, transport, environment and climate change. The modern sector approach of IPA II promotes structural reform that helps to transform a given sector                     and reach the EU standards.

TheECA assessment of the pre-accession assistance to      Turkey shows that it has been well designed but encountered difficulties in supporting sector-wide reforms. Assessing the implementation in three priority sectors: the rule of lawgovernance and human resourcesreveals a mixed picture.

Despite the difficulties in the implementation of IPA in   Turkey, it is undisputable that without this programme, for our partners it would be more difficult to fulfil EU membership obligations and support the political reforms – economicsocial and territorial development.

Concerning the use of conditionality, related to the implementation of IPA, there is a need to assess what would be the impact on the pre-accession funds if negotiations are suspended. In this case under IPA II, there are no explicit provisions for suspension of the funds.

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