Nedzhmi Ali on the CAP Strategic Plans

28-09-N. Ali - CAP copy

During the BUDG Committee meeting on September 26th 2018, Nedzhmi Ali MEP presented his draft opinion as rapporteur from BUDG to AGRI Committee, concerning the CAP Strategic Plans:

Merci monsieur le président, Dear colleagues,

On 1-st of June the European Commission presented a proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council establishing rules on support for Strategic plans to be drawn up by the Member States under the Common agricultural policy (CAP Strategic plans). These plans should be financed by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and by the European Fund for Rural development (EAFRD).

It should be noted that certain changes have occurred in the agriculture sector during the last few years. They include phenomena as falling agricultural products´ prices, further opening of the EU to the world markets, as well as signing up of the Union to new international commitments to include climate change mitigation, broad aspects of international development and efforts to better respond to geopolitical consequences.

The above-stated preconditions necessitate certain changes in the CAP:

Firstly, it should be modernized to meet these challenges;

Secondly, CAP should be simplified in order to solve the tasks with a minimum of administrative burden;

Finally, this policy should be made even more coherent with a number of other EU policies.

Having regard these considerations, we welcome the Commission´s proposal, which is trying to address the challenges, presenting a set of regulations laying down the legislative framework for the CAP during the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF 2021-2027).

In addition to the Commission´s document, I would like to attract your attention on a number of possible amendments to be presented to the lead committee AGRI for further considerations.

Some of them are related to explicit emphasis on the importance of high EU standards in the production of food, increase the competitiveness and strengthening the world role of the EU.

Others imply on the closing down the gaps between the Member-states and different regions of the Union, as well as stressing the necessity of inclusion of the remote and mountainous regions and provision of increased support to the family farms and attraction of young farmers.

Considering the budgetary implications, several amendments are being proposed concerning firstly the overall financing of CAP during the next MFF starting from the Parliament´s position expressed in its resolution of 14 Mar 2018, complemented by the resolution of 31 May 2018. We propose EUR 382.9 billion in 2018 prices and EUR 430.9 billion in current prices for the next MFF period. With regard to European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and European Fund for Rural development (EAFRD) the respective numbers are presented in Amendment 12 and Amendment 13.

As a conclusion, I would like once more to underline the quality of the comprehensive Commission´s Proposal on the CAP Strategic Plans. While CAP is a core activity and integral part of the security of the Union, I believe that the document will play an important role in the future.


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