Nedzhmi Ali on the Interim report on the MFF 2021-2027 – EP´s position with a view to an agreement

N. Ali - 3 - 13.11.2018 - Rodopi

This statement was presented by Nedzhmi Ali (ALDE) during the Plenary debate of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on November 13th 2018.

Thank you Mr. President, Commissioner Oettinger, Minister Edtstadler, colleagues,

MFF translates the EU´s policy priorities into budgetary means. We need a sufficient budget in order to achieve objectives of the Union, most important among them are: sustainable economic growth, research and innovation, empowering young people, addressing the challenges of migration, strengthening the economic, social and territorial cohesion, as well as the security and defence, protecting the external borders and supporting the neighbouring countries.

In this regard the global level of next MFF should be 1.3% of the EU 27 Member-states´ GNI. In this way the Union will be able to meet emerging needs, challenges and new international commitments, as well as to achieve its political objectives.

MFF should support with priority the Common agriculture and Cohesion policies and to opposeany radical cuts that would prevent the Union from closing the gap between the member-states. We support also the European Social Fund Plus and the integrated in it Youth Employment Initiative.

For the next MFF we need increased accountability, simplification, transparency, performance-based budgeting and maintaining the necessary degree of flexibility. The new structure of MFF with seven headings is expected to ensure that these requirements are met.

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