Nedzhmi Ali on the Protection of the Union´s budget in case of generalised deficiencies as regards the rule of law in the Member states

11-10-N. Ali - 1 copy

Nedzhmi Ali, Shadow rapporteur from the side of CONT Committee for this file, presented the following statement at the BUDG/CONT Joint Meeting, which took place on October 10th 2018 in Brussels.

Merci monsieur le président, (Mme Chair), Dear colleagues,

Approaching the start of new Multiannual financial framework (MFF), there is a common understanding that the EU could deliver efficiently on its priorities if the necessary prerequisites are in place. Some of these prerequisites are related to the rule of law.

In this regard, the proposed by the European Commission Regulation on the protection of the Union´s budget is coming at a right time. We welcome the Commission´s proposal, as it is a document that presents the regulatory framework for successfully funding of the EU budget. Thus the Union would be able to implement its policies to the benefit of the European citizens.

I would like to congratulate both rapporteurs for the proposed amendments to the original text that are directed towards improvement the Commission´s proposal. We support the emphasis on the connection between the rule of law and fundamental rights and the improvement of some of the basic definitions. We are also positive toward the proposed additions to the measures that shall be taken where a generalized deficiency as regards the rule of law in a MS affects the principles of sound financial management or the protection of the financial interests of the Union.

At the same time, I am not sure that we need in this type of regulatory document such a strong emphasis on the role of the Cooperation and verification mechanism (CVM) in its current form. Generally, CVM was intended to prevent certain weaknesses remained in some Member States in the areas of judicial reform and the fight against corruption. While such weaknesses could prevent an effective application of EU laws, policies and programmes everywhere throughout the Union, this CVM should be modernized, streamlined and applicable for all of the Member states.


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