Nedzhmi Ali on the state of the debate on the Future of Europe

12-10-N. Ali copy

Nedzhmi Ali (ALDE) presented this statement as shadow rapporteur during the consideration of a draft opinion to AFCO on this topic, during the ordinary meeting of CONT Committee on 10.10.2018 in Brussels.

Dear Mme Chair, Mr. Sarvamaa, colleagues,

Europe is facing numerous challenges, which have no prospects of abating. The recent global financial crisis is over, but this natural process would come back in the future. Due to the destabilization of our neighbourhood, refugee waves will continue periodically to rise toward the continent. There are also many challenges related to the terrorism, defence, emerging of new global economic powers, demographic problems and new industrial revolution.

Having in mind the above stated, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for the presented opinion that is trying to give an answer to the future challenges from CONT point of view. Efficient and effective use of resources, democratic accountability, public audit arrangements and accounting efficiency should be adjusted to the inevitable changes in the future.

We fully agree with the notion that the EU policies should be delivered more strategically. EU needs to have a strong vision for the future development covering at least a 10 to 15 year time period. Most of the expected challenges can´t be tackled on a daily basis. We should have a longer term programmes and appropriate control systems.

Concerning the necessity to promote seeking of European added value, I think that there is a need for a commonly agreed quantitative and qualitative definitions of this term to be developed.

And finally, we agree with the proposal to be secured sufficient financial resources going together with the modernization and further development of the system for own resources.


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