Nedzhmi Ali on the protection of the Union´s budget in case of generalised deficiencies as regards the rule of law in the Member states

29-11-N. Ali copy

This statement was presented during the joint BUDG/CONT meeting, which took place on Tuesday, 27.11.2018 in Brussels. N. Ali is shadow rapporteur for ALDE Group from the side of the Budgetary control committee for this complex mechanism.

Thank you, Mr. Chair, Dear rapporteurs, colleagues,

The necessity for the EU to deliver efficiently on its priorities is of paramount importance in the current moment of time, as we are coming close to the beginning of the new MFF (2021-2027). As already outlined, the most fundamental of these prerequisites are related to the rule of law.

I would like to note once again that we welcome the Commission´s proposal, as not only this document presents the regulatory framework for successfully funding of the EU budget, but it also underlines how important it is to protect the EU budget at every stage of its functioning.

Taking careful note of all amendments proposed to the text, we support the emphasis on the connection between the rule of law, fundamental rights and improvement of some of the basic definitions. We are also positive towards the proposed additions to the measures where a generalized deficiency as regards the rule of law in a member-state affects the principles of sound financial management or the protection of the Union´s financial interests. There is a need to create two things: a mechanism, which is as straightforward as possible, and a tool, which ensures the protection of beneficiaries. While the Commission has a set of ideas on this matter, organizing a constructive dialogue on this aspect would be very beneficial.

We also believe that there is a need to closely follow the regulatory guidelines. The proposed mechanism relates only to the Budget of the EU and in this sense, we need to keep it focused on what is most important. This regulation has to be created and embedded in the new Multiannual Financial Framework and in order to fulfill this we should continue with our constructive efforts.

Thank you.

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