Nedzhmi Ali on the Discharge 2017: General Budget of the EU – European parliament

N. Ali Rodopi

This statement was presented by Nedzhmi Ali MEP, ALDE Group, during the CONT Committee meeting on November 26th in Brussels.


Dear Mme Chair, Ms Schmidt, Mr. Welle, Mr. Sassoli, Mr. Russo, colleagues,

First of all, I would like to thank Parliament’s leadership for the detailed answers to the questions we have prepared within our Committee.

Concerning the most important characteristics of the European Parliament for year 2017 – the use of the financial resources as well as fulfilment of the objectives for that year, we could say that the results are encouraging. In 2017, when we had appropriations totalling 1.910 billion EUR, 99.0% of the budget was committed and only 0.9% had to be cancelled. Indeed, this proves the good management of the financial resources. At the same time, the objectives pursued and outcomes achieved during the year stem mainly from the priorities set by Parliament’s competent bodies when preparing the 2017 budget.

I would like to attract your attention also on several particular issues:

Firstly, something that is very important for us as members of the Committee on Budgetary Control – strengthening the in-house expertise on accounts and auditing that rapporteurs can make use of in the preparation of their discharge reports. We are satisfied with the internally created system that increases the CONT Secretariat´s quality of work.

Secondly, in relation to the provided by you detailed information about functioning of the House of European History. While our Union last several years experiences numerous challenges, we need to intensify the use of valuable assets like this in order to promote further the understanding of European history and European integration. From this point of view I believe that the numbers of visitors could be increased probably through a well targeted communication campaign.

Thirdly, in relation to the increase in the level of risk associated with legality and regularity, DG FINS set up the Compliance Monitoring Unit, reporting directly to the Director-General of DG Finance. We perceive in a fully positive way this approach. May you give us additional information how this Unit shares information with CONT and if there are some difficulties in this field how they could be overcome?

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