Discharge 2015: General budget of the EU – European Parliament

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Dear Mme Chair, Mr. de Jong, colleagues,

Firstly, I would liketo express satisfaction with the very comprehensive and detailed report on the discharge of the European Parliament presented by the rapporteur. Covering all of the aspects of functioning from financial point of view for theParliament is important not only because here are concentrated as appropriations almost 20 % of heading V of the Multiannual Financial Framework.Visibility of the Parliamentary activities is very high and we should be very careful what would be their impact on the public opinion in Europe.

Going further, for us is important not only what is the level of spending during the year and the percentage of the detected irregularities, but also how the financial resource has been spent and what kind of results has been accomplished. This approach is incorporated in the report. I believe that these structures that have a better developed performance based budgeting should be encouraged to share their experience with the rest.

Finally, I would like again to raise the training issue of the personnel and the results achieved. For me is difficult to find information how these results could be measured, having in mind that we spend public resources for the training. We should have a system that is able to assess how the training system delivers the expected added value for the Parliament in quantifiable terms.

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