Nedzhmi Ali, Shadow rapporteur, on the ECA Briefing paper “The integration of migrants from outside the EU”

N. Ali 3 copy

This statement was presented at the meeting of the Budgetary control committee of the European Parliament on Wednesday, 20th June 2018, in Brussels. Ms. Iliyana Ivanova, ECA member from Bulgaria, did the presentation of the briefing paper on behalf of the Court. Dear Mme Chair, Ms Ivanova, colleagues, First of all, I would like to […]

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Nedzhmi Ali on the draft opinion to ECON regarding the Regulation establishing European Supervisory Authorities and Regulation on Financial markets


Thank you, Mr. President, Dear colleagues, Thank you Mr. Geier for preparing the draft opinion on the Commission proposal of amending a number of Regulations on the three agencies and the financial markets. In the aftermath of the recent financial crisis we are even more convinced that maintaining financial stability within the Union while proceeding […]

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Nedzhmi Ali on the use of IPA funds in Turkey


Strasbourg, 30.05.2018 The IPA funds are investments, which contribute to both the accession countries and to the Union. While these funds help our partners to implement political and economic reforms, they also help the EU to reach its own objectives regarding a sustainable economic recovery, energy supply, transport, environment and climate change. The modern sector approach of IPA II promotes structural reform that helps to […]

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Nedzhmi Ali calls on the EU for adequate financing of agriculture and support for the small farms

N. Ali 2 copy

Among the most important sectors within the EU are these of food and farming – employing more than 60 mln. people and providing the food security for all of the citizens of the Union. The rural areas, including those that are mountainous and remotely located are not only used for production of food but are […]

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Nedzhmi Ali on the European semester for economic policy coordination: Annual Growth Survey 2018

EuropeanSemester-1 copy

Thank you Mr. President, Commissioner Thyssen, Stronger economic governance and better policy coordination between the member states couldn´t be done without the European Semester. This year the process of macro-economic, budgetary and structural policy coordination is particularly important for the Union in the context of preparation of the next MFF. In this regard a real […]

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Nedzhmi Ali – The next MFF should focus on the CAP and the Cohesion policy

Plenary-4 copy

Plenary Session,Tuesday 13 Mar 2018, 15:00 – 23:00, Strasbourg Joint debate – The next MFF: Preparing the Parliament´s position on the MFF post-2020 and Reform of the European Union´s system of own resources Thank you Mr. President, Commissioner Oettinger, dear colleagues, In order to achieve maximum results through the overall planning process in the EU, […]

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Discharge 2016: EU General budget – European Parliament

21-02-NCONT 1 copy

Dear Mme Chair, Mr. Vaughan, colleagues, Firstly, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for the well structured and balanced report on the European Parliament’s activities in 2016. As such the report answers the questions of improvements done in terms of quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the management of public finances, as well as presents […]

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Nedzhmi Ali on the 2016 Discharge: Agencies

CONT 19.2 2 copy

Dear Mme Chair, Mr. Staes, Mr. Tarand, dear colleagues, First of all, let me to express appreciation for the job done preparing the reports on discharge in respect of the implementation of the budget of the EU’s decentralised agencies for the financial year 2016. The horizontal report covering the areas of performance, financial management and […]

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Nedzhmi Ali on the Annual Report on the Financial Activities of the European Investment Bank (EIB) for 2016

EIB 1 copy

Thank you Mr. President, dear colleagues, This report presents the perspective of the European Parliament on the financial activities of the EIB in support of the EU policy goals. It has a broad scope describingthe Bank´s activities in the areas of main policies, accountability, financial operations and communication. The macroeconomic impact of the Bank´s activities […]

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Nedzhmi ALI: Presentation of the Court of Auditors´ Annual report 2016


The budget, as annual financial framework of revenues and spending, is of significant importance for implementation of the EU´s policies. In this regard the ECA´s general conclusion that the revenue and payments for 2016 were legal and regular with some exceptions for the payments is a good news. The estimated level of errors in the […]

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