Nedzhmi Ali on the 2017 Discharge of the agencies and of the EU

N. Ali Rule of law - Родопи

Thank you Mr. Chair, Commissioner Oettinger, President Lehne,

I would like to congratulate both rapporteurs for the discharge of the EU´s decentralized agencies and the European Parliament for the financial year 2017. These are institutions whose functioning has a substantial impact on the everyday lives of the European citizens and on their perception of effectiveness of law-making within the Union.

These 32 agencies had a combined budget amounting to 2.24 billion EUR in payment appropriations. Having in mind the magnitude of their activities, for us it is important that ECA issued clean opinions on the legality and regularity of the payments underlying the agencies´ accounts, except for one of them.

Despite some weaknesses, related to the staffing, public procurement procedures and lack of harmonization of information technology, we should underline that the agencies demonstrated increased cooperation that helped to enhance their visibility. Furthermore, they were able to demonstrate improvements in efficiency, as well as to generate added value.

Concerning the European Parliament, we also have positive attitudes. The use of the financial resources in the fulfilment of objectives for 2017 shows encouraging results. 99% of the budget was committed and only 1% had to be cancelled. This proves good management of the financial resources. At the same time, the objectives pursued and outcomes achieved during the year stem mainly from the priorities set by Parliament’s competent bodies preparing the budget.

Some of the improvements, introduced within the Parliament during the year of 2017, helped not only to increase the effectiveness of its functioning generally, but also to support the quality of work of our committees.


Strasbourg, Tuesday, March 26th 2019

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